Hiring Budtenders for your Dispensary

Budtenders Are an Important Part of a Dispensary or Rec Cannabis Shop
Many elements are involved in operating a medical cannabis dispensary or a recreational marijuana shop. The legality of cannabis in many states has created a need for a new type of worker – the budtender. Having the right people in this position can help your cannabis business grow. One of the most important things you will do as a shop owner is finding and training suitable budtenders.

You have to find time for hiring in the midst of all your other duties as a shopkeeper. There is product to stock and financials to account for. Having a skilled budtender to manage front-of-house operations will give you more time to focus on other parts of running your business. Hiring in this field can be a challenge because so few people have prior experience, but there are some practices that will help you find the best employees.

Create a Budtender Hiring Process and Stick to It

Your chances of hiring great budtenders will be improved when you make a plan and stick to it. The first step is for you to understand the role of the budtender to your business. Define all the characteristics you require, and address each of them with prospective employees. A budtender should have these minimum qualities:

  • Be knowledgeable about various cannabis strains
  • Be skilled at customer service
  • Be able to recommend additional products

Experience in the cannabis industry is always preferred. Be aware that this may reduce the number of qualified applicants you process. Always look to your existing pool of talent before you look outside. You may have individuals that started with you and now have industry experience. You may find that some of them can easily be promoted to the position of budtender.

If you have no one worthy of promotion, you will need to demand that an applicant has experience. They should also possess any licenses or certifications that are required by the state.

What About Background Checks?

The requirements for cannabis industry employee background checks vary from state to state and that’s a fact about cannabis jobs. In some cases, the state performs the background check on all prospective employees and issues a permit. Other states may leave it up to the shopkeeper. Either way, you need to understand what a background check can do.

States will generally only look for warrants and criminal convictions as is the case in Las Vegas Nevada and Denver Colorado. More thorough background checks can investigate a person’s credit rating, previous problems on the job, and more. You should opt for the level of background check that makes you the most comfortable. Always remember that your business is the one on the line even if you are in a recreational state with legal weed. Don’t hesitate to perform due diligence especially in the Phoenix and California markets as well as Maryland and Pennsylvania..

Always check references. You should place an emphasis on work references and work history because these types of sources are more likely to give you the truth. Be wary of applicants that have had multiple issues on the job. It is unlikely that this will change when you hire them.

Where to Find Great Budtenders

In today’s world one of the most powerful tools is social media. You may be able to find potential employees by becoming a member of THC cannabis dispensary groups and forums for your local area. You can also create an app for many social media platforms that will allow individuals to submit an application or indicate their interest online.

Don’t forget to visit other shops in your local area. There is always the possibility that budtenders in other shops will know of someone that is looking for work. Because this is a very specialized niche, the people that work in it tend to be close to one another.

The budtender is going to become more and more important as new states legalize cannabis use for medical or recreational reasons. Make a commitment now that you will hire the very best people for this position, that you will develop them, and that you will keep them happy. Your cannabis dispensary will be better off when you take this approach.