Las Vegas Recreational Weed Jobs | What Nevada Dispensary Employers Need to Know

las Vegas Nevada Recreational Weed Jobs

The Regulation of Taxation of Marijuana Act Initiate has been approved by Nevada voters on November 8, 2016. This initiate, better known as Question 2, won by a slight margin of 54 percent. The Nevada’s Department of Taxation will officially enact the law as of January 1, 2017. This makes Nevada one of eight total U.S. States, along with the District Of Columbia, that has adopted the legal right for use of marijuana recreationally by its citizens.

While citizens can enjoy the use of marijuana as a recreational activity, this Act doesn’t alter the workplace environment much. Employers are still free to enforce workplace policies that restrict the actions or conduction of their employees in regards to this Act. Just as alcohol is restricted by many workplace policies, so can recreational marijuana use. Employers have the right to establish a drug-free workplace for all of their employees and customers to operate in.

Since the Regulation of Taxation of Marijuana Act Initiate just passed in Nevada, there are no real statistical figures regarding marijuana use at the workplace. Nevada employers can benefit greatly from looking at usage trends from its neighboring states that have legalized this drug.

Colorado, for example, showed a five percent increase in marijuana consumption the year marijuana was legalized according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Assuming that Las Vegas recreational marijuana dispensary in Nevada will experience a similar increase in marijuana consumption, employers should start to take action now.

Examining current anti-drug policies is a good start. Employers should be updating their policies to include the restriction of the rights given to individuals under the Regulation of Taxation of Recreational Marijuana Act. While there are no statutory laws that regulate an employer’s ability to create workplace policies, it’s advisable to practice the following tips:

  • Employers should educate employees about the business’ drug-free workplace policies. This should be done with a statement in the workplace policy instituting the no tolerance drug and alcohol abuse rules. In the policy, there should be a definition of what constitutes as an infraction of the policy and the potential consequences that will occur upon violation of the policy.
  • As an employer in Nevada, you may institute workplace drug testing under certain circumstances. These include:
    1.) At Hiring
    2.) After An On-Duty Vehicle Accident
    3.) Any Federal Law That Requires Testing
    4.) Under Reasonable Suspicion
    5.) On Return From Drug Abuse Rehabilitation
  • Employers can offer rehabilitation and treatment services for their employees under the Employer Assistance Program or EAP. This should be listed in the workplace policy of any participating businesses.
  • Businesses that have more than 15 employees would be wise to note an employee’s rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act in regards to treatment for drug or alcohol issues.

By clearly outlining what is expected of Las Vegas dispensary employees regarding drug use in the workplace, employers can ensure that their employees know what is acceptable and what is not. In addition, employers are able to extend their hand and handle current employees who are dealing with addiction problems.